Don’t Lie in Your Online Dating Profile

(Online Dating News Blog) The number of people telling lies in their online dating profiles is astounding – more than 50% according to one survey. Most of the lies revolve around weight, height, and photos. Many people are posting photos that are a year or more old and they show up on their date looking nothing like their photo. Here’s how one guy relates his experience on

When a person lies in their online dating profile, they may lie about other things too.  When you go on a date do you like to do so under false pretenses? Of course not! But that’s exactly what is happening in the industry right now and stopping the problem starts with everyone reading this message.

1) Never post a photo more than three months old.

2) Never lie about your weight.

3) Never lie about your height.

Be honest in everything you say and show in your profile. And when you go on a first date, don’t drastically change your appearance (i.e. getting your hair colored or restyled). In fact, since the photos you post shouldn’t be more than a few months old, you should go on a date in one of the outfits shown in your profile photos.  Success in online dating begins with removing any old photos or little white lies from your profile so that the person you are going on a date with is who they expected.

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  1. I think it`s really stupid to lie about anything in your profile when you create it with the idea that someone will see it and go on a date with you … because what`s the point of the lie, when you go on a date the other person will see who are you actually, and if the other like you the way you are it would be at least a bad first impression for starting a relationship.

  2. Although you are never supposed to lie about your height or weight on the online dating profile, there are two things that can be gauranteed. A guy is going to add a couple inches to his height, and a girl is going to shave off ten pounds!

  3. ” …a girl is going to shave off ten pounds! ” ahaha i really what you said and it is pretty much a true anyway. A lot of people are making big changes on thei pictures with photoshop trying to make them better, but sometimes they make it that obvioss that it has the opposite effect – it’s lookig bad, ineast of good. Anyway i also don’t see the point in using fake pictures or telling lies in your profile, when this lies will be revealed eventually if you go to a real date. There is no point in lieing – be yourself!

  4. I always ask for recent picture and if the person does not send one that is not currently on their profile I don’t even take things further. Dishonesty comes in many forms and profile fudging is one of them.

  5. There is a saying “Honesty is the best policy”

  6. The media portrays the ideal woman as a slender, slim figure with a full bosom, and a perfect coiffure. That is why I believe that women see a need to lie about their weight when they do not meet the public’s ideal standards. I do not condone their lying about their age and weight, but then looking at it from a woman’s perspective, finding Mr. Right might be hard when you weigh 60 pounds more than the ideal weight.

    In my view, when one starts lying about one aspect of his/her self, lying might become a breeze. Next, s/he might lie about something else, people aren’t born perfect, and we are never satisfied with ourselves. That is why fabricating one’s life online is an easy thing to do, one is always behind the screen, hiding from reality.

    It is never a good thing to lie about yourself, either online or in real life. It says a lot about one’s self confidence, and the faith you put in another to appreciate you for who you really are.

  7. I’ve never seen an area where they ask specifically for your weight- it’s usually a range or body type. Regardless, I completely agree that it’s best to be honest. Essentially when people lie on their profiles, they’re really just hurting themselves and setting themselves up for disappointment. If you make yourself out to be someone you’re not, you’re going to attract people who aren’t interested in you but the person you say that you are. So once again, really the only person you’re hurting is yourself.

  8. you are SO right…it does not worth to lie about your age, weight…anything!…what kind of relationship do you really want? fantasy or real?

  9. Here’s the thing about lying on your profile…. its already assumed that people are lying; for age add 5 yrs.. for weight add 15lbs for height subtract 2 inches… and anything else can be adjusted as most people lie anyway — and we know it. If you start telling the truth — the expectations will not be accurate…

  10. It’s sad, but I think that online profiles need to be approached with a healthy sense of built-in skepticism. After all, that guy you meet at the bar is likely to tell you a few untruths on the first night too (and let’s be honest, you’re just as likely to misrepresent yourself a little and put your “best foot forward). In that sense I guess I agree with “girl.”

  11. i dont know any one that commented on this page, but i do get tired of all the cloudy low light pics, used to hide poeples concept of reality. i have learned to like internet dating, well at least better than a bar, and the last thing anyone wants is for the first thing they realize about a person, when they first meet them, is that they are a liar.example: if you weigh 150lbs and you are 5’5′ then you are not average, you are heavy set, a few extra, or curvy etcm and you are certainly not slender.

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