Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Dating

(OnDating) This episode of OnDating, with host Andrea Syrtash, discusses the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to dating.

Should men take what a woman says at face value when dating? One woman in the opening segment on the street says that it’s a mistake for men to take what ¬†woman says at face value. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

So here are the biggest mistakes men make when dating: Men try to impress to much, men pull a disappearing act, men don’t listen, men haven’t learned chivalry, men don’t initiate.

Do you have anything to add? If so, add it to the Comments section after the video. And speaking of the video…

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  1. Ikenna Agina says:

    Hello Dear,

    First let me commend your work; you are doing great and nice blog you have. From my own point of view, the biggest mistake men make when dating women is far from one reason. I would list them below:

    1. Being Predictable: I mean come to think of it, no woman wants a bore. No woman would love to do same things over and over again. Women desire men that can do incredible things, men that can surprise them, men that can spice up their world. I once saw a movie; the girl broke up with this guy on his high school graduation because he was too predictable; he was such a nice guy but he had no swagger.

    2. Being Too Nice: Guys listen up, it is good to be nice no doubt; but the truth is this, don’t be too nice man. Stay firm and solid when you have to, do not let your emotions becloud your sense of reasoning and make you extremely nice. When you do that you know what the ladies say ” He is too nice to a fault, is he for real?” You might be playing Mr. Nice guy and some other rough guy is busy hitting on yur girl. Be wise brothers!!!

    3. Going into Distance Relationship: Man this hurts! Last time I tried it did not pay off well. Most ladies need there man around them; it is not all about phone communications, when she needs to be held what do you do? Answer that question. Well, she might just end up in the arms of a nice neighbour. That is the gospel truth.

    So guys be careful right

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