Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Dating

(OnDating) We’ve already dealt with the Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Dating. Now OnDating’s Andrea Syrtash deals with the Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Dating.

So what exactly are the five biggest mistakes women make when dating? According to Andrea: Being too critical and negative, talking too much, being too high maintenance, being insecure, and coming on too strong.

So do you agree with those or have any of your own to add? If so, please use our Comments section below the video to add your opinion.

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  1. Hey there, although I totally agree with the 5 mistakes women make… I think you forgot one.

    You see, as a dating coach, whenever I go out “in the field” with the students to help them meet and date women live, practice their conversational skills and so on…

    A lot of them have trouble with something: they do NOT know when a woman’s interested, because they don’t recognize ANY subtle signals that a woman is trying to give them…

    And because of it, both they and the women they don’t see miss out…


    Eye contact. Whenever a woman’s interested, she tries to make eye contact, or at least holds eye contact when a guy makes eye contact. But here’s the juicy secret: most guys think a woman is looking their way by accident! Or looking at something or someone behind them!

    Solution: if a guy makes eye contact, smile, wave, or blink… no that’s not slutty, coming on too strong or anything…

    It’s absolutely necessary for 90% of all men to actually SEE a smile, wave, or woman blinking at them before they realize that it’s because of them that she’s doing that!

    Most subtle body language signals are just that: subtle… and let’s face it… men aren’t exactly known for subtlety most of the time so show your interest more directly.

    To More Dating Success,

    Dennis Miedema
    Win With Women

  2. What is fun is that, although different cultures makes women different in their behaviour to dates, I think that these 5 mistakes are very true, but French women often overestimate their value and become often scornful.
    This is a mistake that is clear in France, but does not prevent relationships from being created.

  3. Thats true, we must remember these points in life for better dating experience.

  4. Wow! This is so true! I’ll try to correct some of the mistakes I’m making. Thank you for the advice.

  5. I believe these are conventional opinion which is relative when it comes geographical areas and individuals. Some guys like I am do not do much talking when on a date. All I do is ask a question and listen intelligently to hear from my mate

  6. I agree with all except the last one. This is the 21st century! Let the lady take this initiative!

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