Online Dating Tonight 05 – Charlie Sheen

(Online Dating Tonight) For the fifth episode of Online Dating Tonight, the team decided to have a little fun. And because the show is produced by Online Dating Magazine, we can give you some additional insight. Because the show takes awhile to produce and airs weekly, the creation process can sometimes get tedious. So to break up the monotony a bit, it was decided to create a fun spoof-like episode of Online Dating Tonight.

With Charlie Sheen in the news so much, the decision was made to do an episode where Charlie Sheen was being interviewed about online dating. But instead of using a human/computer voice like is done with the other characters, we would take real quotes/audio of Charlie Sheen and use it in response to questions asked by the host. The team was happy with the results, but the episode ended up being a discouragement as the views weren’t as much as past episodes despite increased publicity. So it’s unlikely that something like that will be tried again. But, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this fifth episode and the fun/spoof humor put into it. We’ve pasted our favorite exchange from the episode below the video. We now give you…

Charlie Sheen and Online Dating

Cassandra: Tell me, what’s the toughest thing about online dating?
Charlie: I don’t have a job!
Cassandra (looking straight faced into the camera): No, you don’t.

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  1. Hahahaha, I really love it. Favorite quote: “Sheen Dinner” 🙂 And “Tiger Blood” – he is really crazy

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