Social Etiquette on a First Date

In the video below, Sharlene Santana (known as the SOCIALbee Junkie) shares some tips on how to act and behave on a first date or when meeting someone new in a social setting. Some of the tips include:

> No texting or talking on your phone at anytime during the date.

> Keep breaks (i.e. bathroom breaks) to an absolute minimum.

> Don’t complain about anything on your date. Keep it light and pleasant.

> Don’t talk with your mouth full as it is very unattractive.

> Beware of the foods you order (avoid garlic-type foods)

Social Etiquette on a First Date
(8/24/12 Update) 
Unfortunately, it appears that Sharlene Santana has removed this video from YouTube, a social etiquette no-no for video producers.

What tips do you have? Use the comments section below to share your opinion.

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  1. Great dating tips for men and women. Complaining and moaning is a huge turn off as well as texting while talking. Thanks Sharlene.

  2. Good post Sharlene, the tips sound very simple but are very important while dating.

  3. Talking about you ex is never a good thing. As a man I always worry about what I should and should not do….However, experience has taught me to be myself…afterall thats who she will end up with if you both get on 🙂

  4. Texting….I think most women would get very insulted if you did that for too long….Although a check every now and then is ok…

  5. Actually I think texting on the first date is a total no….Over time it is ok though!!

  6. Hi,

    I would also add clothing!

    Clothes can say so much about a person and there’re so many stylish combinations you can make. Good tips, by the way.

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