The Dating Habits of Men

Dr. James Houran, who writes the Office Hours with Dr. Jim column at Online Dating Magazine, has written a three part series on “The Dating Habits of Men”. The series was written for women to better understand men and some of their quirky dating habits. In the three part series, Dr. Houran answers quite a few questions like:

Following up with a text instead of a phone call—what’s that say about a guy?

What’s with making off-handed remarks about doing things together—like “Oh, we’ll have to see that movie sometime!”–and then not following up?

Why do some guys go on and on about their job or how important they are?

Here are the links to the each of the Dating Habits of Men articles:

Dating Habits of Men (Part 1)

Dating Habits of Men (Part 2)

Dating Habits of Men (Part 3)

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