Online Dating Tonight

Online Dating Tonight is a weekly animated talk show about online dating. The show is produced by Online Dating Magazine. Each week, animated host Cassandra tackles a different online dating issue with a special guest. Each episode is usually 4-6 minutes in length. The show also welcomes “user participation”. You can email an online dating question to that may be read and answered on a future show. If you’re a Webmaster, you can embed the videos on your site and if they are popular on your site then the show will give a “shoutout” (and link) to you in a future episode. Here are the episodes:

Online Dating Tonight Episodes

Episode 01: Online Dating Statistics
Episode 02: Online Dating Scams
Episode 03: Online Dating Safety Tips
Episode 04: Online Dating Q and A
Episode 05: Online Dating with Charlie Sheen
Episode 06: Online Dating Tips
Episode 07: Online Dating Lies
Episode 08:

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