Sheila’s Dating Adventure (by Sheila Dolan, one of the Satellite Sisters)

Sheila’s Dating Adventure is the sequel to Summer of Love. It is a 12-part series on the dating adventures of Sheila Dolan, also known as one of the five Satellite Sisters. The Satellite Sisters have a popular history with their syndicated radio show, articles in Oprah Magazine, TV appearances, and online podcasts.  In this series, one of the Satellite Sisters, Sheila, searches for love and records her dating adventures for the world to see…

Here are links to each episode (12 total):

Episode 1: Sheila’s Dating Adventure
Episode 2: Flirt Alert
Episode 3: Swingers Party
Episode 4: Gelato Gentleman
Episode 5: The Phone Call
Episode 6: Henry Takes the Stage
Episode 7: Know Your Role
Episode 8: Stars of the Show
Episode 9: It’s Game Time
Episode 10: Friendly Competition
Episode 11: Even the Score
Episode 12: A Winning Combination

About Sheila Dolan:
Sheila is the middle sister of the five Satellite Sisters. She has a full grown daughter from her first marriage (she has been married only once). She refers to her home in California as “the Cozy Cottage”. and calls her home in California “the Cozy Cottage”. In the summer of 2008 she started her first video series, Summer of Love to chronicle her search for love.

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