Summer of Love (with Sheila Dolan of the Satellite Sisters)

Summer of love is an online series starring Sheila Dolan, one of the five Satellite Sisters. You may know the Satellite Sisters from their syndicated radio show, articles in Oprah Magazine, online podcasts, or many appearances on TV. Well one of those sisters, Sheila Dolan, went in search of love over the summer of 2008 and the entire process was documented for this Summer of Love series. What makes this interesting to online daters is that she uses online dating for her search.

Here are links to each episode (26 in total):

Episode 1: History of Disaster
Episode 2: Manifest Destiny
Episode 3: Internet Dating
Episode 4: Dating in my 40s
Episode 5: Brewing a Cup of Love
Episode 6: What to Wear
Episode 7: Dating Advice From Friends
Episode 8: Online Protection
Episode 9: Why are You Still Single?
Episode 10: Skinny Dipping
Episode 11: Dating Advice From Friends 2
Episode 12: Cougar Chat
Episode 13: I Got Game
Episode 14: Sports Drink
Episode 15: Tacos and Pet Peeves
Episode 16: Name Calling
Episode 17: Dumped by
Episode 18: Dating Tips From Jules Asner
Episode 19: Date with Brad Garrett Audition Tape
Episode 20: I Got Bangs
Episode 21: Warming Up
Episode 22: Kneading Each Other
Episode 23: Breaking Bread
Episode 24: Table Talk
Episode 25: A Taste of the “Man”ifest
Episode 26: Final Episode

About Sheila Dolan:
Sheila is the middle of the five Satellite Sisters. She has a full grown daughter and calls her home in California “the Cozy Cottage”. She’s been married once and is ready to marry again, resulting in her search for love.

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