Why Don’t Girls Respond on Chemistry.com?

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Question: Why don’t girls respond on Chemistry.com when I email them?
There are two fundamental flaws of most online dating services that contribute to this problem. Those flaws are:

1. If you are a member and you send an email to someone, they need to be a member too in order to read the email and respond.

2. Many online dating services don’t clean their databases often, so someone who may not have used the service in years is still listed as available.

Because you don’t know, in most cases, who is a member ro not and whether a person is still active, you could be sending some emails to never-never land and that could account for a good portion of unanswered emails.

Online Dating Magazine research shows that, in general it takes a man 20 emails to various ladies in order to get one response. This 20 to 1 ratio is an average of all dating services, not just Chemistry.com which you mentioned in your question.

Online Dating Magazine also states, however, that it is possible to improve your ratio by following several tips:

1) Personalize your first communication. Carefully read the other person’s profile and when you send your email ask some questions based on their areas of interest.

2) Don’t talk about yourself in your first communication. Keep it about the other person.

3) If services allow you to see when a person last logged on then check that before sending an email. If it has been months or years since the person last logged on then your email isn’t going to change that.  Sending emails to people no longer on services is like putting your email straight into a shredder.

Other studies show that posting a good picture improves your response rate. This doesn’t mean that you scan a photo of a model from a magazine and post it as your own. That type of deceipt will come back to bite you. It means that you post a recent and decent photo of yourself.  Always be honest with your photo and in your profile because when a person meets you, they’ll know immediately if you were lying (or fibbing) and that will affect the quality of your date.

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In Internet Dating, How Many People Do I Have to Write to Get a Response

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Question: When it comes to Internet and online dating, how many people do I have to write on an online dating service before I get a response?
This is a great question. Online Dating Magazine researched this and concluded that the ratio of emails sent by men to responses by women is, on average, 20 to 1. This means that for every 20 emails you send, you will get one response. The ratio improves, however, when you take greater care in personalizing your email message. So never send a generic email and always read the profile of the person you’re writing carefully. Use things you learned in reading the profile as conversation starters.

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