Free Communication Weekend

(Online Dating News Blog) This weekend, online relationship service is offering a free communication weekend to all of its users. The free communication weekend will allow new and current users to communicate without paying.

The concept of free communication weekends was made popular by several years ago. During such events, relationship services see their normal subscription growth at least triple. is owned by and was formed to compete against eHarmony in the online relationship services category. Onilne relationship services differ from online dating services in that they are focused more on marriage-minded singles. Sites like focus on casual dating.

What Happens After eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend?

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Question: What happens after eHarmony’s free communication weekend ends?
Once eHarmony’s free communication weekend ends, you can no longer communicate with your matches unless you sign up for an paid membership (or until the next free communication weekend). If you want to keep communicating with your matches (and see photos, which free communication weekend doesn’t allow) then you should sign up for an account – however look to see if there are any eharmony promotion codes and discounts first!

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