What are Good Manners for a First Date?

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Question: What are good manners for a first date?

1. Shower, brush your teeth, and look/smell good.

2. Arrive early to your destination so that you are not late.

3. If you’re a man, open the door for the lady when the opportunity arises.

4. If you’re a man, offer to pay for the date. If the lady prefers to go dutch, don’t argue.

5. Don’t cross your arms – it signals boredom.

6. Look your date in the eyes when talking and listening.

7. Study your date’s profile and emails (if you met online) in advance so that you can cover topics of interest to him/her during your conversation.

8. Don’t drink alcohol on the first date.

9. Compliment your date, but no more than 2-3 times the entire date.

10. Turn off your cell phone for the duration of the date.

11. Ladies – if you enjoyed the date, let the man know it before you part ways.

12. Men – if you enjoyed the date, ask the lady on a second date. Don’t play the game of “waiting 2-3 days” before calling).

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